News & Events

  • 08-Sep-2017Sunday School is closed for summer vacation and will re-open on 8th September 2017.

  • 16-Jul-2017MALAYALAM CLASS & JUNIOR CHOIR Due to Summer vacation, Junior Choir practices and Malayalam classes are suspended till further notice.

  • 23-Jul-2017RE-UNION & FAMILY DAY To thank our Almighty for reuniting safely all members of our Parish after the summer vacations, the Reunion & Family Day will be celebrated on 15th September 2017.

  • 06-Aug-2017FIRST SUNDAY HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE Holy Communion Service on 1st Sunday of each month from 8.30pm in the Church.

  • 19-Jul-2017INTERCESSORY PRAYER Conducted every Wednesday from 8.30pm onwards in SWC Hall #3.

  • 15-Jul-2017FASTING PRAYER Held on each Saturday from 10.30am onwards in SWC Hall #6.

  • 21-Jul-2017AREA PRAYER Area prayer meetings on every first/second Friday evenings.

For Members

Office Bearers and Committee Members


Vicar & President: Rev. Varughese Mathew (Ex officio)
Vice President: Mr. Ebby Abraham
Church Warden: Mr. Varghese Thottathil
Church Warden: Mr. Priju John
Secretary: Mr. Aby Jacob Thazhikayil
Treasurer: Mr. Vinod Marcus
Jt. Secretary: Mr. Jilesh Cheriyan
Jt. Treasurer: Mr. Jilow J R
Lady Member: Mrs. Sonia Derrick (Internal Auditor & Teenagers Meeting Coordinator)
Lady Member: Mrs. Teeja Pribu John
Committee Member: Mr. Sunil George (Prayer Cell Coordinator)
Committee Member: Mr. Moncy Cherian
Committee Member: Mr. George P Varghese
External Auditor: Mr. Sajan Baby John

Sunday School (Parish Activity)

Head Master: Mr. Sajan Baby John
Sunday School Committee
President & (Ex officio): Rev. Varughese Mathew
Secretary: Mrs. Lisa Thomas
Treasurer: Mr. Rex Varghese
Jt. Secretary: Mrs. Manju Jerry
Jt. Treasurer: Mrs. Anila Philip
Committee Members: Mrs. Mercy Anil
Committee Members: Mrs. Sheeba Jacob K
Committee Members: Mrs. Sunil George
Committee Members: Mrs. Annie John
Committee Members: Mrs. Leena Roy

Women's Fellowship (Parish Organization)

President: Mrs. Mary Susan Thomas (Ex officio)
Vice President: Mrs. Valsa Sunil
Secretary: Mrs. Teeja Pribu John
Treasurer: Mrs. Jancy Biju Thomas
Jt. Secretary: Mrs. Manju Gejo
Jt. Treasurer: Mrs. Nisha Mathew
Committee Member: Mrs. Nancy Oommen
Committee Member: Mrs. Anupama Subin
Committee Member: Mrs. Usha Shaji
Committee Member: Mrs. Bessy Joji & Mrs. Susan Sajan

Almaya Fellowship (Parish Organization)

President: Rev. Varughese Mathew (Ex officio)
Vice President: Mr. K J Roy
Secretary: Mr. Varghese P Sam
Treasurer: Mr. Varghese P Oommen
Jt. Secretary: Mr .Saiju Mathew
Jt. Treasurer: Boaz Zacharia
Committee Member: Mr. Joseph Abraham
Committee Member: Mr. Anil George
Committee Member: Mr. Sujil Jacob
Committee Member: Mr. Eby Jacob Thazhikayil & Mr. ShibuPullad

Youth Movement (Parish Organization)

President: Rev. Varughese Mathew (Ex officio)
Vice President: Mr. Biju Thomas
Secretary: Mr. Anand J John
Treasurer: Mr. Lipin Punnoose Idicula
Jt. Secretary: Mrs. Dhanya Benenet
Jt. Treasurer: Mr. Subin A S
Committee Member: Mr. Shibu Justus (Youth Times)
Committee Member: Mr. Abin George
Committee Member: Mr. Renchi Thomas Mathew
Committee Member: Mr. Jilow J R (Youth Chorus Convenor)
Committee Member: Mrs. Reena Philip


Vice Chairman: Rev. Varughese Mathew
Treasurer: Mr. Sunil George Kurien
Committee Member: Mr. Sanjiv Chandy
Committee Member: Mr. Moan Jacob


Convenor: Mr. Babu Oommen

Choir Committee 2017

President : Rev. Varughese Mathew (Ex officio)
Choir Master: Mr. Sunil Abraham
Asst. Choir Master : Mr. Abraham Mathew
Organist: Mr. Moncy Cherian
Asst. Organist: Mr. Geemon M. George
Committee Members
Vice President: Mr. Titus Joseph
Secretary: Mr. Ashley John Dan
Joint Secretary: Mrs. Beena Varghese
Treasurer: Mr. Rajesh Koshy
Joint Treasurer: Mr. Jelin Jacob
Member: Mr. Mathew Koshy
Member: Mr. Vineeth Thomson
Member: Mr. Aji Mathew
Member: Mr. Sabu Mathew
Member: Mrs. Benila Priju